A tailor-made translation and consulting service

JT Translations is Jennifer Thyer. British by birth but French at heart, I work closely with each individual client to provide a tailor-made translation and proofreading service to ensure that together we say what you mean.

Jennifer Thyer
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A phrase or sentence taken out of context is always open to interpretation. JT Translations works closely with her clients to ensure a thorough understanding of context, before proofreading the final, completed texts, so that they read as if they were the original, without any inaccuracies. More than just ensuring that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, proofreading a translation before it goes to print or online means checking that the substance and style go hand-in-hand, that the words match the images perfectly and that the message content and layout complement each other.

The aim

is to make sure your message is conveyed in full, without changing its meaning, so that it is highly readable, clear and easy to remember.